Friday, March 26, 2010

enjoying the weather (and some sweet videos)

we are currently having typical tennessee march weather- rain and cold, sun and heat- there is no such thing as the 60's-- we are hot or cold- windy or not- that is it- so, in spite of that- we are staying outside- we are dressing for the weather- day by day :) my sweet children have had wayyyy to much indoor time! here's to spring! we live in a cul-de-sac- which i just LOVE! and we are so thankful for our little bitty sweet circle of friends and their kids that we could easily take in as our own- molly girl has appeared on my blog since it's debut- and here she is puddle jumping with my babies! the pictures are from the birthday party when the weather was just superb! we actually had TWO days of sun and warmth- today we are having nasty rainy COLD weather!
ella's video- i wish that i had more video of my kids- tonnnnnnnnssssss of pictures- but not many videos! well, here's to a march resolution!
i know that ella's is 2 seconds- and again- i know-- i will take more video!

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