Thursday, May 14, 2009

the rest of my mother's day

so my mother's day i wanted to keep pretty slow... no plans, no dinners, no dresses, no nothing... a day to relax and clean up from painting the kitchen and family room (kitchen is now ivory and family room is a slate blue color)
so that's what we did! it was really nice- the kids took a wonderful long nap that allowed chris and i to catch a little extra zzzz's as well. we ordered pizza and had a picinic in the yard. shawn joined us- it's always nice to have extra's! and then we all went on a walk. we are still rehab'ing bubba's leg- so walks are essential to his days-- we met up with some of our neighbors while we were walking and our walk turned into 5 adults, 4 kids, and 2 dogs... no strollers! fisher rode emmie's bike (while she is in canada... we don't want it rusting out!) and ella rode hers... it was not the relaxing walk i was going for... but it was fun.

there is a creek that we walk over 3 times on our walk. the last part we let bubba and gracie get in the creek... the kids loved it-- it took more time than we would have wanted- but it's so hard to pull them in when they are all having a great time! gracie especially! she sticks her entire head underwater! i love it-- the kids love it and she seems to be able to do this for hours on end. i love being a momma and i love all of our neighbors. we missed having jenn and emmie around- that would have finished us off for sure! i adore my kids... but i especially adore my family. chris and i are so lucky, blessed, and i couldn't have had a better day!

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lacey said...

you are so lucky and have great kids and a hot...i mean great husband...and great neighbors...but john, jb and i would make it perfect:)