Tuesday, May 19, 2009


we seem to have been keeping ourselves really busy... doing a whole lotta nothing!

i love this time of year where we aren't scheduling things in or friends to come over or weekend getaways- our backyard and cul-de-sac seem to be working pretty darn good on their own.

there isn't an evening that goes by where there aren't kids in the circle, parents watching, people walking, neighbors out talking, it's been a great place to live and have our kids growing up. we like all of our neighbors. we have actually befriended all of them quite nicely. i never wanted to live where we didn't know our neighbors, or where all we did was wave. i want to really get to know the people around us, for our kids sake, as well as ours. we have been so lucky to have neighbors that really care about us, our kids, and our family... as we do theirs.

i have also a slew of girlfriends that don't live around us that are really important to me as well. the little girl and boy are drew and eli-- drew and fisher were due on the same day-- drew came 10 weeks early... but you wouldn't have any clue-- she is cute as a button! fisher really took to little brother eli and i was glad to see ella like him too. she is usually funny about babies-- nice turn of her personality.

we also had a really hot saturday! we got the slip-n-slid out, sprinkler, and a couple of baby pools... it didn't look dangerous enough so we also put the kid slide into a pool... that's just how we roll.

fisher, who doesn't seem to fear much, took to the pools, the set up, and the danger like a pro- full belly sliding, jumping, and running from one end of the yard to the other-- ella was cautious, but really is doing much better this year. she loved the water, the hose, and the slip-n-slide as well. we had molly come down and play for a while as well.

chris took a break from mowing to come and slip-n-slide for a minute too.

there isn't anything that i love more than this little family of ours playing in the back yard.

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