Wednesday, May 13, 2009

we've got ourselves a big girl

we went to dinner on friday night with some good friends of ours... during dinner chris asked me what i wanted for mother's day...

besides the trip that i wanted to take to florida-- that ended up being more than we could manage at the moment... (i said moment-- we will make it down there) i said that i wanted to paint our kitchen and family room.

chris couldn't argue... he asked.

so after dinner we went to look for paint (i already had colors picked.. hahahaha) and we ended up at walmart for a couple other things we needed.... we left with a big girl---

i had been wanting the kids to have bikes for a while now. i know that i was riding the neighborhood without training wheels, up and DOWN hills without a helmet by the time i started kindergarten. well, ella is no where near k-time... but, we thought that we would try anyway. she is our resident chicken of the family... we didn't think much about it- till she wouldn't get off of the bike! she rode the bike all around walmart till 10:00pm! we had to get the bike! it was cute, cheap, and she loved it! fisher ended up with another blue truck-- happy as a clam to boot!

now, excuse the outfits, it was early and i wasn't about to get them all babyGap'ed for a bike riding, lawn mowing, saturday!

while she was riding her bike through walmart... she looked up at me and said- "momma, i think that you were right... i am a big girl!"

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