Wednesday, April 1, 2009

jarron update (wednesday)

hello again to all!

i was able to talk to jarron and my dad today, and we are getting great news! dad said that last night (after they moved him to a normal room) that the neurosurgeon, who was there the night that jarron came in, came and did lots of tests to see how everything was going. she said that his is making remarkable progress and continues to do really well.

it's a great sign that he is out of icu and recovering so quickly.

when i talked to him a little while ago, he sounded really good. he was talking about getting out of the hospital... and doesn't feel as though he is ready to get out anytime soon-- but maybe by the end of the week if things keep progressing. he is still feeling really dizzy and kind of "out of it" i know that this is due to the head injury in combination with all the pain meds.

he was able to eat some pancakes and eggs, but said that his jaw was still really sore. they are allowing him to get up and walk around some, but he is still hooked up to an IV and they are waking him up at least every couple hours to check vitals and take blood.

he said to me that he just hopes that he isn't permanently damaged.... he still is really scared of all the recovery and rehab that is going to come along with this... and for the first time he said that he isn't quite ready to ride his bike. i was shocked! but he is still anxious to have his repaired (he has no idea about buck for a bike) and i know that he will ride the day that he is able to. his balance is going to be off for a while and the nurses have been joking with him telling him to try and avoid another head injury like this one anytime soon... but especially within the next 6 months.

still, he is a little down and out... worried about when he gets out of the hospital. i think that he might be getting a little spoiled by all this one-on-one attention! growing up with 5 kids in the house... you really had to do something crazy to get some good attention... i think that he has out done us all!

jarron has been sending mom and dad around the city to see some of the sights... they were going to fisherman's wharf today and took a trolley. dad sounded really good and is starting to sound a little like mom-- (this city is beautiful... wonder where i could get a sweatshirt... there are people swimming in the bay-- and it's cold!) visiting hours don't start till 11:00am so mom and dad have lots of free time on their hands... but they sound really excited that jarron is doing so well. i think that they are planning on flying home sometime this weekend (sat/sun)

once again... thanks for all the support and prayers... i know that i can never say it enough.

God is Good! thanks so much to all of jarron's friend in CA and to all those around the country that are participating in the "buck for a bike" campaign-- he will be so humbled by the amount of love and support that there is out there for him!

to all of my friends-- to those that don't know jarron-- to those that do know jarron, thanks so much... it means so much to me to have the support from you all right now!

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