Wednesday, April 1, 2009

jarron update (wednesday-- afternoon)


they feel that he will recover very well outside of the hospital!

praise God! my little brother is getting out!

he is still really dizzy when he stands up... and feels pretty "out of it"

he will be staying with my parents for the next couple of days (they are flying out sunday morning) and has to be watched really carefully.

the thing he wants most... a shower!

he has a surgery scheduled for monday morning to fix his cheek bone (it is currently lying flat-- they are going to pop it back out and put a titanium plate there to hold it) it is an out patient surgery and shouldn't take long to complete.

kelsey is planning on going out there sometime after my parents leave. so keep her in your prayers as well.

thanks again for all the prayers, support, "bucks", love, and communication!

i will update again before i go to bed... i cannot wait to hear how happy he is to be on the outside world again! and clean! and fed! and not hooked up to tubes, iv's, etc...

have a great afternoon/night where every you are!

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