Thursday, April 2, 2009

a battel family update

i have been so concerned about jarron that i haven't posted much about the kids and the family lately...

so here it is--

fisher has allergies and has started sneezing when he is outside (figures.. chris and i both have them as well)

but, man, fisher is a real "tank" of a kid. he is hilarious (to us at least) and smart and so cute. our day doesn't start until fisher let's us in on his dreams (we ask..."what did you dream about" and his constant response "milk")

he and ella are getting along better-- though she is turning into quite the tattle tale-- we're having a difficult time explaining that one to her--

i didn't leave the house, sunday, monday, or tuesday-- i have been keeping what seems like a constant vigil at my computer (which i moved to the kitchen so i could multi-task) but wednsday we finally got out... we went and met some friends at mc donalds so that the kids could play for a while and get some energy out (it was raining) and then we went and played at another friends house yesterday afternoon...

today we made it to storytime at the library and the kids loved it--- ella had to call chris when we got in the car and tell him that it was "great!" and we then had our friends over to play in the backyard before the cool day tomorrow!

ella will resume ballet today (we've missed a month because of illnesses) and she is pretty pumped about it!

chris got some of his old territory back-- bristol and kingsport... so he won't be driving so far everyday-- it's a huge relief for us!

i am feeling much better--- still out of balance... but i think with jarron doing better, it's putting some things in perspective for me-- we are all so lucky to have what we have and love like we love... i don't want to take my health, family, friends, or life for granted anymore-- i love my brother and it's amazing all the good that can come from such a horrific accident...

thanks to all that are supporting us and jarron and the quest to get him better-

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