Saturday, April 4, 2009

babies babies everywhere!

lately everyone around me has been either talking about babies, having babies, or planning for more babies...

it's got me thinking a bit... i don't know if we are "ready" for more babies... but yesterday i got to go into the nicu to see a girlfriend's baby-- (he is by no means a premie-- he is only in there due to complications during delivery) and i was surrounded by these little bitty tiny babies... 30 to be exact... and it just got me thinking... could i do that again?

my babies were big 8.9 (ella) and 9.3 (fisher) and to be surrounded by these babies that barely were weighing 3 or 4 pounds was incredible!

it made me realize how lucky we were to have two BIG healthy babies...

so i haven't posted any pictures for a while... so while i am on memory lane- here's a few that have pulled at my heartstrings :)


ella (11/1/05)

i look at these pictures and realize how little ella was when we had fisher (they are 20 months apart)

have a wonderful weekend!


lacey said...

oh my word...that was about we have 1 the same time???

Aimee said...

cmon..ONE more!!!