Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what i have learned wednesday

i thought that it was time to share some things that i have learned this past week... i know that y'all are thrilled!

1- crayons wipe easily off of windows and doors... as long as it is on the glass part

2- walking pushing a stroller with two 30 lbs kids in it and walking two dogs is a talent

3- i have a pretty tough stomach--

4- catching vomit in paper towels in the middle of a pizza hut and no one knowing is also a talent

5- keeping a clean house is a talent (one that i do not have)

6- readjusting a 3 year olds attitude after a week of being sick and waited on hand and foot is a difficult task that might take longer than a week to accomplish

7- i need a vacation

8- needing it to officially be spring time is an understatement

9- my kids have officially joined forces with each other and have set out to ruin me, my mood, my diet, my house every single day

10- i love my husband even though he wants an "ANNUAL CORNHOLE TOURNEMENT OF LOVE" (a valentines day guys night of cornhole and beer and little interference from the wives)


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