Tuesday, February 10, 2009

we've made it to tuesday!

i am not that big on tuesdays... i don't think that they have much purpose in the "week" and i really wish that tuesdays could be made for... well anything but being a tuesday!

so, ella is FINALLY starting to FEEL better- she had at least one episode of us rushing to a bathroom to throw-up everyday since wednesday. and has now been 1 1/2 days since throwing up. yesterday she was still pretty unhappy, tired, and pitiful. i felt really bad for her-

we have so far made it (knock knock knock on wood) without fisher getting sick. chris says that he has a stomach of steel- which i totally believe- the boy eats more than chris! and is always asking for more.

fisher is officially heavier than ella now- on my scale ella is 29.2 lbs (thanks stomach flu) and fisher is 29.9 lbs. congrats little brother-- i thought that it would take you longer than 19 months to do this... but you amaze me everyday!

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Melanie said...

so, the stomach flu has been a doosie for y'all too??? Goodness, it hit my hubby hard. But, we're all on the mend, though all of our appetites are shot, pretty much. We'll hopefully get back to normal soon. Miss you guys!!!