Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy birthday molly girl!

two saturday's ago was good golly miss molly's birthday!

she had a beautiful princess tea party that they all enjoyed!

pink tea, heart shaped pb&j, crinkle cut veggies, mini cupcakes, all the goodies!

the kids were great and so was the weather!

we love miss molly to pieces-- i didn't take fisher with me (it was a tea party) and chris said he was devastated! he walks around the house calling for "mol-girl"

if you ask him who he loves- "mol-girl" i don't know how molly feels about being a cougar though? she is about 1 1/2 years older than him!

ella loved it- even though she was still under the weather- and it made it sooo worth it to have payton there. payton is the LOVE of her life-- she really takes care of him!

the two belle's-- can you tell from the back who is who?
happy birthday to you miss molly! thanks for being such a big part to my kids memories!

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