Friday, February 6, 2009

awwww... my cute little sister & her husband...

i have a little complaint--

but, of course let me preface with this- i love my sister. i love her husband. i love that they are happy and married and well, happy.

now, with that said-- my complaint...

1- the other day she called me and said these words... "i'm just taking a ME day"
WHAT THE HELL IS A ME DAY??? (I WANTED TO SCREAM) then she answered, "oh, i went and washed my car, got my eyebrows waxed, went to the tanning bed, and now i'm on my way home..."

2- i want to talk to her-- really TALK to her, but i cannot ever talk on the phone without my "normal at the time i picked up my phone" children turning into satan him/her self and going ballistic about some really non-important event

3- she eats mexican food every wednesday-- "because it's wednesday!"

4- she is at a poker night (i said... what??? she said "well, it's either that or bunko and i don't know how to play that)

5- we (meaning kels, jopo, chris, and i) all watch Young and the Restless (will explain later why the husbands watch it) and as i am talking to "them" today i tell her that chris and i are 2 and 1/2 episodes behind. don't tell me what is going on b/c i will get to it... soon-- promise--

jopo then says "how do you only get through a 1/2 of an episode?????

okay- i feel better, i just wanted to get that off of my chest. i love you both and i don't ever want to be the person that says "oh... you just wait till you have kids" muhahahahamuahhaha... que evil music and changing facial colors... so i won't say it...


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm glad you did!

This post is hilarious! I'm sure that's hard to see all the free time she has when you are taking care of your kiddos :)

Kelsey said...

hahaha very cute :) you're right - we'll see when we have kids, until then, there will not be 1/2 episodes of Y&R :)

Melanie said...

Too funny, Kara. People w/out kids don't understand us people with kids...I hope you all are well!