Tuesday, January 20, 2009

since bush has been in office

so, with all the hoopla going on today-- it got me thinking of what all has happened in the last 8 years-- it's going to be good!

- got married
- moved to kentucky
- started a new school
- raised two puppies to be good big dogs
- learned how to get along with my husband
- learned how to camp on an island with one sea-doo, two dogs, one small tent, one cooler, and questionable weather-- for several weekends in a row for a summer
- my older brother got married
- bought a house
- got a job
- graduated from college
- vacationed over and over and over again
- had baby #1- ella
- moved to tennessee
- bought house number 2
- sold house number 1
(yeah... that order is correct-- don't recommend it)
- learned how to embrace the life of a stay-at- home - mom
- still kept my auditing job
- had baby #2- fisher
- learned how to start the weight loss train
- kelsey got married
- learned how to blog!

there is so much that i could put in this list-- but it is amazing to see what all has happened while one person has been in charge of our country! and to think by the time obama's first term is up

- ella will start pre- school
- ella will start school
- fisher will start pre-school
- we might have another baby
- we might have finished our basement/garage

oooohhhoooohhhooo! what the future holds!

have a great night--- and to my daddy- i am thinking of you and praying for you... i know that you are amazing-- i love you!

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