Monday, January 19, 2009

my big fisher

fisher turned 18 months on the 16th-- and i didn't post about him-- sorry buddy--

so here are a few things about our BIG BOY! (i will post stats next week when he has is official check up) ( i will post pictures when i remember to bring my camera downstairs)

- fisher knows where... his eyes, ears, nose, teeth, tongue, hair, back, fingers, toes, and our newest... his muscles are--

- he knows what... a cow, duck, owl, fish, bird, horse, frog, dog, cat, bear, snake, monkey, and a few others say

- he knows how to say his version of... ella, bubba, daddy, momma, vitamin (which is hilarious), drink (which is some weird sound-- but consistent), no, ball, football, spin, roll it, dance, bed, bath, teeth, go, now, and i'm sure there is more--

- he can climb up and down stairs on his own
- he can brush his teeth on his own (we second it)
- he can climb on top of our table on his own
- he can lift the dogs combined bowl set on his own
- he can move stools in the house on his own
- he would spend all day and night sitting on chris' lap with a book
- he knows how to cough, sneeze, and yawn on command
- he knows that if ella's door is shut he should walk past it quietly and say "shhhh"
- he knows how to give both bubba and gracie treats-- he does this after they have sat for him- so cute!

he is a challenge every single day-- he is the most curious thing i have ever seen! we love him so much and adds such an exciting twist to our family-

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lacey said...

i so miss you guys so much! can not wait to see yall in march.