Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i skipped a girls night

i had the opportunity to go out with the girls for the evening-- i bailed.

i have a couple of good reasons... but i still feel bad that i didn't go-- see, i adopted this motto "go slow" for 2009, and lately, i have been going... not fast by no means, but i have been busy in my own home doing thing that are necessary... but not really what i "want" to be doing... and still keeping me busy-

all that i wanted to do tonight was turn off my phone, play with the kids, and relax-- watch some tv that i have missed out on, and hang out with chris... so, i bailed-- sorry ladies i hate that i wasn't with you-- but, i wouldn't have been great company anyway!

on a side note-- we've had a squeaky dryer-- it's so squeaky that i haven't been able to do laundry since saturday night- which also means that i have a MOUNTAIN of little kid laundry (as well as big people) to catch up on. our dryer man was supposed to be here this evening... but got "sick" so, he will be here first thing in the morning-- he better be here- the squeaking is AWFUL!

but-- i planned to make a roast for dinner-- and then i thought i was going for girls night and then bailed... so i had to figure out something else-- so

i made some sloppy joes-- and the we also made homemade cheese fries-- it was such a great dinner! i didn't think that chris and i could pull it off-- but the cheese fries were SO good-- if i had more potatoes then we would have made round 2! oh, they were good!

have a great night!

**** charligne, have a great time in AFRICA! **** be safe and take tons of pictures-- we love learning all the animal sounds and names!

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A Balancing Act in Heels said...

I totally understand! I always emphasize to my husband about the importance of me "needing my ME time" (hence, sanity dinners with my friends...) but I always catch myself rather wanting to be with my kids instead. It's a mother thing.