Sunday, January 18, 2009

a couple thoughts

i don't have much to say tonight- shocker i know!

but there are a few things on my mind--

1- it never snows! i know that i technically live in the "south" and i know that it doesn't get "that cold" but, come on really!!!! i want some snow! i just knew that it was going to snow last night-- knew it! then... this morning-- nope, nada, nothing-

i even drew a snowman on my fridge magnet thingy in wishful thinking--- nope.

2- ella and i went to our first "beauty pagent" last night- it wasn't that bad- ella of course LOVED it-- she looked at me once and said, " let's just stay here forever! look at all the beautiful dresses!!!" i laughed and said no- but it was a cute thought for her- we went with a friend and her two girls-- (her cousin was in it- and she won)

3- we are tired. we are so tired. our dogs have been sneaking into the bed everynight- all night long-- one isn't so bad- even bubba (110 lbs) alone isn't bad... but put gracie (55 lbs) and bubba in the bed-- we struggle! we can barely hold our eyes open! so-- i am going to bed in about... 10 minutes!

good night and have a great week!

oh, ps- i have been weighing myself on a spinning scale (circa: 1886) and this weekend i splurged and bought an electronic scale with actual numbers-- uh-- it tells me that i am about 4 pounds heavier than my spinning scale-- i think i'm going to take it back!

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