Monday, January 26, 2009

chris has a facebook account

soooooo..... chris has become a computer nut! he is addicted! he is insane! he is on the computer ALL DAY! this is how it started this weekend--

- chris sits me down and says

"honey, i need to tell you something... i got a facebook account"-- "do you think i am a nerd/loser/dork?"

me: "good for you hon! i am proud of you"

fast forward about 36 hours later

me: "chris, are you planning on eating today? seeing you kids today? using the bathroom today? coming upstairs today?"

chris: "uh, i have 54 friends!" "i can upload pictures too!" "do you want to see my facebook page?"

me: "really, there is life up here... "

chris: "yeah... right... i will be there soon-- can you think of any more friends of mine? i'm kinda stuck at 56 friends"

me: "chris, don't make me count to three--- get upstairs and take care of your kids!"

chris: "uh, really you can't think of anymore friends of mine?"

me: "are you kidding????!!!"

1 comment:

lacey said...

we soooo need to get a facebook account and john and i can be 56-57...i love it:) miss you so much!