Thursday, January 1, 2009


how exciting that 2009 is finally here! i have complied some pictures from the past year to share with you guys what all happened-- pretty emotional for me (what's new?) i cannot believe how big my kids are and how much our lives have changed from last year.













we had a great new year's eve/new year's day- pretty productive in my opinion--
- made oatmeal ( i had run out of instant maple brown sugar-- so i made my own-- crafty huh?)
- cleaned out chris' sock drawer and put away 4 loads of laundry- that would be an entire load for each of us)
- cleaned out my sock/underwear drawers
- cleaned out my jewelry drawer (it had things in there that shouldn't have been-- hair ties, stickers, wedding shower invites, etc)
- unloaded the dishwasher
- cleaned the kitchen from last nights get-together
- made lunch
- got two kids down for naps
- took a nap
- took a shower (at 5:00 pm)
- got ready and went to panera bread for dinner (thank you gift cards)
- came home and let the kids play in the boxes from kota and lucy the pony (beau made a house out of them)
- chris hung up two bars in my laundry room for my sweaters to dry on (and ella's dresses)
- put another load of laundry away
- organized ella's closet (with all her new beautiful dresses)
- put two kiddies to bed
- blogged (ella just came downstairs to tell us that "something happened" which means "i have been playing in my bed for two hours and i am still not asleep"-- it is 11:00 right now

the "biggest loser" starts in the morning with some of my friends-- good luck to all!
chris is off to nashville for a hockey game tomorrow at some point
have a great year! love you all!


Melanie said...

sounds like you had a great end of '08. I'm going to enjoy being a "loser" this year with some of the girls. I hope to see you all soon! I get my wisdome teeth removed on Fri, so maybe getting together Wed will work? I miss you guys!

Jill said...

Great recap of 2008! Your son has the prettiest blue eyes.

Sue said...

Wow, look how much Fisher and Ella have grown in the last year! What a great idea to show a little from each month.