Friday, January 2, 2009

so... i just realized....

chris is gone to the hockey game in nashville-- i know he is spending the night, i know that he won't be home before the kids go to bed tomorrow night, i know that i have them all day, but suddenly it hit me-- I HAVE TO GET UP WITH BOTH OF THEM IN THE MORNING ALONE!

so, this didn't occur to me until about 7:30 tonight and i am suddenly wondering if i should have protested this little "boys" trip!

ella and i are having a "sleep over" in my room tonight and fisher has long since been in bed. so cute. he is such a good little sleeper!

we had jenn and emmie over for dinner- she brought homemade "pasta sauce" and i had some frozen tilapia (yes, kelsey, i ate fish) it was actually not bad- then bath time for the kids- fisher was head to toe in sauce- so it always comes next.

but this morning before chris left for nashville- i got to iron-- i know that isn't exciting to most people, but i've had a load/pile/mess of things that needed to be ironed- i had been lazy about it and not doing it till chris needed one for work- but today for 2 hours- i ironed! there isn't one piece of clothing in this house that is in need of ironing-and it is such a relief to not see that when i walk into the laundry room! chris and the kids played downstairs and i ironed down here so it wasn't like i missed out on much. it has been so great having chris home this long! i love it and now... it's almost over!

have a great day!

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