Monday, November 10, 2008

starting to run

i will admit it- i am a bit of a trend follower-

i have been trying to be more active and excersice a few times a week- i want ella and fisher to understand the importance of staying healthy throughout their whole little lives.

i am a big advocate of children being involved in sports and outdoor activities (even if it's just a walk around the neighborhood)

so... kelsey and i want to make some changes- and we want to start running- kelsey already did it this morning and i chose to stay in my warm and cozy bed sleeping- but as the day has gone on- i have been jealous that kels got in the first run and i didn't... so i am going to be receiving a "run text" from my sister in the morning, sometime around 6:00am

we agreed that we would both run a 5K - one in johnson city and one in raleigh in the spring! so we are going to start now... run through the winter (when it's the hardest) and then be all cute & pretty in the spring and summer- good luck to us!

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Kelsey said... picked a great time of the month to write a sappy blog :( I miss you too!!