Sunday, November 9, 2008

our trip to roanoke

i have not been to my parents house since the middle of august for jarron's going away party-

i was very excited to be going- i have a soft spot for my daddy and getting to spend anytime with him and getting to see ella and fisher with him is worth our trip anytime. dad got called to work on saturday morning before the zoo and came home sunday long enough to make chris' favorite biscuits and "jimmy gravy" ella got to show pop-pop some of her dance moves and her love of sparkly dresses... and fisher was himself- climbing on things going up and DOWN the stairs and just wanting to look at dad- (they look lots alike- but i have no pictures :()

this trip had an extra bonus- kelsey and jopo were in town as well... we got in late on friday and fisher woke up a little disoriented to say the least. ella understood but fisher was really confused by rocky, annabelle, kelsey, jopo, nanny and pop-pop wanting to see him-

saturday morning we went to the mill mountain zoo- (nanny has three favorite places of all time- 1-the beach 2-carvins cove 3- mill mountain zoo) check one off the list! fisher loves to go anywhere that he can run freely- ella will go anywhere that taylor is going- so... win win nanny happy, fisher happy, ella happy = chris and kara happy!

it was a beautiful day and denise-jeremy- taylor and jase met up with us at the zoo- ella and taylor were thrilled to see each other and the boys were off and running-

kelsey and jopo were extra added bodyguards for fisher and ella and i am always excited to get to see my sister(fighting tears- i miss her a little too much) i think that this was the longest that we had EVER gone without seeing each other!

the zoo was amazing and the kids loved every square inch of the place- the leaves,the breeze, the animals, the open space,
the constant "look at this" it was amazing-

it's great to watch fisher understanding things more- he really liked watching the animals and roaming all over the place- he is at a great age!

i have mostly butt shots of the kids- they stayed on the go!

the zoo has a playground now- and they all took turns going down the slide- fisher willing to try anything was great- he is almost dangerous-

*a side note- we finally convince ella that she should go down the slide- i am going to take her and taylor both- her croc boot gets stuck on the way down and bends her poor little leg back pretty far and quite disgusting looking- our luck- we get chicken on the slide and this would happen-she will make it though-

ruby the tiger was an attraction to the zoo a while ago (back when i was a kid)- she passed away and this is the memorial for her- the kids loved playing on it.

we rode the train that circles the zoo for our grande finale!

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after the zoo we went to lunch at our favorite macadoo's

then the kids went to take naps and mom kelsey and i got in some much needed girl time and hit the mall for some limited (the store) therapy- it was one of the first times that i have ever been in that store and not bought something! i got a little christmas shopping started for ella and fisher in the disney store-

after dinner ella and nanny had a tea party (with orange juice) and ella loved it- she got to wear a hat that belonged to my great-great grandmother- it was a great trip

*another side note- for the first time ever- i won (two times) playing Phase 10- kels, jopo, and chris- don't call it a comeback and i challenge you to another game anytime!

*also... kelsey and i are going to run 2 5K's in the spring- one in johnson city and one in raliegh- i will keep you posted on our progress!

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Kelsey said...

The pictures turned out GREAT!!! I cannot believe how good of a time we all (minus one) had at the zoo. It was perfect weather & company :) Maybe next time we'll take over carvin's cove.