Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i did it!

kels texted "run fat girl run" (it's my motto for this journey) this morning as she promised around 6:15 AM! and i got up brushed my teeth, dressed in my running finest (yoga pants, tennessee t-shirt, scarf, goofy hat, gloves, and jacket) hooked up the mp3 player and rocked out to nelly furtado tell me i was a "maneater"-

it was a gorgeous morning- the sky was all pink and pretty- i haven't been up that early -by choice- in FOREVER! i think i ran somewhere around two miles (run/walk) and i loved it- it was so quite and peaceful-

when i came home chris was helping ella with a diaper issue and he said "did you go?" uh... seriously- i wasn't in bed! "i thought you were mad at me for something and slept downstairs- huh- well... good for you"

thanks for the support sweetie!

now... the real issue- it is supposed to rain the rest of the week- (we are in a drought and the week i choose to start running it's going to rain all week!) do i run in the rain????


Anonymous said...

Hey girl good luck with the running, when I run I really enjoy it, to me it is a time to think and clear my head. On the rain issue, if it is just a light rain, still try to run half what you did today to keep your routine going. If it is raining really hard do it. For me if I can start doing a routine it comes easier for me. Good luck and take care!
You man from Alabama

Melanie said...

high five to you, kara! I'm glad you enjoyed the beautiful morning! I was up early, too, but not by choice...Mal decided to wake up at 4:30 and not go back to sleep! The kiddies are already in bed and I'm about to do the same...

Anyway, congrats on the run!