Friday, November 21, 2008

our first SNOW!

we got our first "real" snow of the season! it's really early for it... but you know, we'll take it!

having been to the christmas lights at the speedway last night... ella was SO excited that "santa" made snow last night on his way home from the track- fisher was really excited to be in the moment and i even let him walk on the deck without his shoes-- so that he wouldn't want to do it again (haha- mean 'ol momma)

fisher loved the snow... until he got on his winter coat that inhibits his crazy behavior- so he only stayed outside for about 5 minutes.

ella loved it and stayed out for about 30 minutes with our neighbors- and great buddies hannah and sierra!

it was really nice to wake up to and we loved having the snow for the dogs... a real spark comes out in bubba and gracie when there is a little white stuff on the ground.

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