Saturday, November 22, 2008

ma and pa's house

we took today to visit chris' parents (aka- ma and pa- or when ella is in the mood- reba and john)

it was cold- very cold so we camped out inside most of the day- chris and i helped john chainsaw a dead tree down ( i was the flagger for traffic- one car )and the kids stayed in with ma-

they live on about 20+ acres and it's all wooded and very "smokey mountain-esque" so when chris and john were pulling more logs to cut for wood ella and fisher went out to "help" and had a great time being all outdoorsy.

we had an early thanksgiving dinner and it was great- just enough for the kids to be happy and loved having free run of the house. (fisher was caught standing on the coffeetable several times- but reba was in charge of that :)

we watched the UT game (they finally won a game) and the kids didn't nap great- but made it through with mostly smiles-
Happy Thanksgiving John and Reba- thanks!

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