Thursday, November 20, 2008

check up time

today has been a whirlwind of a day.

let me start by saying first that chris and i are NOT co-sleepers. we would not be GOOD co-sleepers (meaning with our children) chris is a snore-er and i LOVE my sleep more than almost anything... so we don't sleep with out kids. now, that being said, lately we have allowed more sleep-overs with ella than i like.
when chris goes out of town, ella and i will have a "slumber party"
we tried to co-sleep with fisher ONCE when he was sick- it didn't go well. nuf said.

well, last night ella woke up crying ( i didn't hear her... i love my sleep) chris brought her to our bed- with a cup of water... then chris goes downstairs to SLEEP ALONE- all the while leaving me with ella ( i am still asleep) then i hear ella burp- then puke- on me, my pillows, my sleep (granted it was just the water that she had been drinking- but still, really)

chris was in trouble... nuf said

so, my run was cancelled... nuf said

then it was doctor time- 10:30 appointment i arrive early- hear that early- see that EARLY!

we waited forever- like always- but they both needed there respective checkups

ella did WONDERFULLY! NOT ONE TEAR- NOT ONE (till the shots came)
fisher didn't like the nurses, but loved the doctor, tears come often and frequent for him... but he pulled through

ella is in the 30% for weight (30lbs) 40% height
fisher is 75% weight(27.5 lbs) 75% height 95% for head circumfrance

both got the flu shot and ella a polio vaccine
and fisher a MMR vaccine

we did lunch, naps, and drove to bristol to meet chris, jenn, emmie, shawn for dinner at La Carretta- then we went to Fantasy in Lights (post more on that later)

the day ended much better than it began- for that i am truely grateful

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Melanie said...

Sounds like a fun Thurs. It's always nice to wake up with puke, huh? I spent the day cleaning up pee...I'm heads down in potty training and it's SOOO not fun. Patrick's working a ton and it's just bleh. Sorry you didn't get to run! I hope you can tomorrow...