Thursday, November 13, 2008

no running this morning!

well... it was pouring this morning! so... i curled up back in my warm bed and slept for an extra hour and a half! oh... it was so nice. but i knew that i needed to do something to stay in the "running" mindset, so i made a -treasure hunt- card for ella and fisher (to find things around the neighborhood) and i took them on a walk- in the drizzle-- that is how badly we needed to get out of the house!

then after dinner we went on a longer walk- the evening walks are so nice and it wasn't raining here tonight. it was still wet- but it was in the mid 40's tonight! anyway- it is so nice to get out of the house... walk the dogs... and get some fresh air!

hopefully up and running in the morning!

this weekend we are hoping to go and see fantasy in lights at the race track- chris is already playing christmas music!??! really- he sings all evening "joy to the world"! it's fun in our house!


Lacey said...

oh how i wish we were there...miss you guys so much...i have to get in the mind set of getting off of my fat butt and do something

Melanie said...

so, the lights start this weekend? WOW! I can't believe how early Christmas is coming. And I hate to admit it, but I found myself flipping over to 98.5 and listening Christmas music today. Geez.

I'm glad you had fun at open gym!!! That place is GREAT! Especially on rainy, wet days!

Emmie Nicole Hollinger (Mom and Dad helped) said...

We had an awesome time at Game night, so nice to do things just as adults! Looking forward to our next one.

Emmie Nicole Hollinger (Mom and Dad helped) said...

Wow, everyone was right the lights at the speedway were very cool, we had a wonderful time. It also helps when you are with such great company as the Battel family. I definitely think Emmie believes the Battel's are part of our family!