Friday, November 14, 2008

it's friday!!!!!!

yeah! it's friday and we have started it off with a bang! i did my run... and i went a little further and ran more than i walked (run a song... walk a song) but this morning i walked a song and ran for two songs! so three runs this week and a couple of walks :)

we went to the 'open gym' this morning (we haven't been there since earlier this year) it was a BLAST! fisher was on full tilt running, jumping, and climbing-- ella seemed more confident in herself than earlier this year swinging on bars, running around, jumping on trampolines and having a great time.

jenn and emmie went as well and emmie's favorite thing... learning from miss ella!

it was a great morning and we even treated ourselves to huge cinnamon rolls (thanks mr. pillsbury man) and they were wonderful!

ella is looking foward to chris being home all weekend at our house... and fisher needs chris home so badly- he's surrounded by women all day, all week, and cries with excitement when chris comes home in the evening!

** mrs. lacey- your whole family is in our thoughts and prayers... i hope that jb is feeling wonderful soon and gets to hearing better- and stops getting those ear infections! good luck and keep us posted! i even thought of you guys as i was running this morning- esp baby!

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