Wednesday, November 12, 2008

day 2

so it wasn't raining... and i did run! it was a little harder waking up this morning... but i started to feel bad for wanting to stay in bed- however... the text that said "time to get our fat butts out of bed" seemed to work well- (kels and i are using fat as inspiration- not a criticism)

i ran/walked better today than yesterday- it wasn't as cold, but it was much darker this morning- i ran/walked about 2.2 miles and then the "crew" walked again the kids and dogs this evening... so i am sure that today i got in about 3 miles or so. it works for me!

but it was the longest day ever! being up at 6:15am and staying up all day is hard for me... i got so much done today- it was crazy!

well... moving on to day 3- really looking forward to it-

ps- to my man john in "calibama" as ella calls it... thanks for the half as much comment- never thought of that!

and melanie- it's much easier to get up by choice than forced by a screaming/awake/not sleeping child- sorry for you!

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