Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's almost thanksgiving!

yeah! after our pre-thanksgiving with ma and pa- i am ready to make it to mt. juliet for beau and kendra's real thanksgiving day with us.

beau and kendra are really important people to us... especially to our kids- ella is so excited that she is going to go to their REAL house and that she doesn't have to eat with pilgrims and indians... (mean ol mom and dad- we've been freaking her out with that idea for about two weeks) ella hasn't been there since she was about 9 months old- fisher has never been there and it will be interesting to see if we get to ever go back.

(these are from the first visit there with ella 9mos.)

we haven't seen them for a while and i always love getting to spend a little time with them... beau seems to make everything just seem alright... while kendra provides some great conversation for me- just to talk about anything with an adult is nice :)

so we are looking forward to a mini-vaca from our house, our mess, and our world- we are going to get to enjoy our kids and friends and for that i am thankful!

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