Monday, September 15, 2008

a very nice weekend

this was the first weekend that we were home for the entire weekend since before kelsey got married. wow! it was a great family weekend. we spent friday mowing the lawn and playing in the backyard- *some of my favorite things

saturday we went to try and find one of our neighbors (shawn) at the dragon boat races- never found him, but we did let the kids jump on some of the blow up toys and ella got her face painted. it was a great morning- then the football game that UT won- yeah- and then a little cornhole game to end the evening.

sunday we CLEANED our house- no way! it was so nice to end an evening with a clean kitchen, straight living room, and a very happy momma!

it made me appreciate the very simple things of family and home-life-- beautiful!

by the way- i am feeling much better- the feeling in my bottom lip and chin is slowly starting to return. thank you God! i saw the doctor for a follow-up appointment this evening and he thinks that within six months i should have full feeling in the lip and chin. yah! thanks!

have a great week!

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