Tuesday, September 16, 2008

some pictures of mom's visit

i forgot to post some pictures from mom and lucielle's visit. they were here to help me when i had my wisdom teeth out. mom and lucielle were a huge help entertaining the kids when i couldn't.

i was feeling better while they were here, but it was nice to not have all the responsibility on me alone. ella and fisher have a thing for mom- it's great to see how much mom enjoys my babies... even if they are a handful.

thanks again!

by the way, lucielle is fisher and ella's "great" "great" aunt- my "great" and mom's aunt. she is from the "fisher" side of the family and so i think that it gives her a lot of joy to meet her name-sake. so fisher was mom's maiden name and my and kelsey's middle name (for all those who didn't know)

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