Wednesday, September 10, 2008

on the brighter side

i am feeling much better- thanks for all that helped out over the past few days- i was pretty rough this weekend, i couldn't have made it through without the help of john and reba (chris for taking them there) and mom and lucielle for coming and pitching in on sunday, monday, and tuesday. it was really great to have this much help. jenn, shawn, jess were a huge help also over the weekend. i wasn't ever lonely- but my space was well respected at the same time- love you all!

fall is for sure creeping up on me- the weather is so iffy, the frequent rain showers and dark skies are tricky, and the "september" title make it all very "fall like" around here. i am waiting for the cool mornings, warm afternoons, and fire filled nights in the backyard!

playgroup is starting back up- and ballet fills our monday afternoons- so its a great season to plan and make attempts to "educate" my kiddies. ella has started some pre-school type coloring books and reading to both the kids is something that we never skimp on. fisher is starting to put sounds and words with pictures and real animals. (bubba and gracie are still called "da-da" but if you ask him "where is bubba?" or "where is gracie?" he can point at each one- who knows?) he is doing really well seeing an animal and telling us what sound they make- momma and dada as well as elda are words that he can say very well- it's funny to see him growing up so quickly.

we are planning on being in town all weekend and not going ANYWHERE! we are thrilled to be taking a weekend off from traveling.

have a great rest of the week!

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