Tuesday, September 16, 2008

it's pony time

for all those who know ella- know that she is quite the cautious little chicken. (cautious is my nice word for it) and you also know that this drives me crazy! i was hoping that ella would get some of kelsey's "no fear" attitude- but, nope she got my "let's think this through a little" so- us being alike, she makes me crazy with... not swimming, not touching the horse-shoe crabs at the aquarium, not wanting to feed the horses, not wanting to have other dogs (strangers dogs) come close, uh, the list goes on and on.

so, one moring my neighbor jenn and her little girl emmie decided to take a walk to the other side of the neighborhood and low and below we found a pony. it lives on the side of someone's house and is in a fenced in area. so, we started to "visit" this pony on our morning walks.

so- she has decided to make her momma a very proud momma- she will feed this pony. not only will she feed this pony, she will touch it and talk to it and tickle it with leaves! oh, she loves this pony! fisher- who did get kelsey's "no fear" attitude loves the pony too- i think that he might just love it so much that he could hurt it!

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