Tuesday, September 2, 2008

prima ballerina

i have been wanting to get ella "into" something. the gymnastics is great- but fisher and ella can do that- she wanted to be a karate kid (thanks for the movie honey!) and i don't think that is a good idea until fisher can do it to (for his own defense)

so a dance place opened up right in our area- just dance- is the name-- i didn't know if she would be old enough- or interested- but she is ! i am the happiest momma out there! i took

ballet from a very young age (2 or 3) and loved it! i am proud to pass on the love of dance to both of my kids-- but especially ella-- oh how proud i am!

chris took her for her first class on monday (after we got home from our g'burg trip) she loved it and was so happy that she was a ballerina- with her own ballerina slippers!

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HappyHeel said...

LOVE the ballerina outfit! She is too cute!!