Tuesday, September 2, 2008

labor day get-together/ ut football season opener/ cornhole

our professional cornhole assistant

his "cheeeeeeeeeeessssseeeeeee" face

labor day was a busy day- if you aren't supposed to work- we missed that boat- we messed up that idea- it was just toooooo big of a day!

jason is about to win

jason won

we came home from g'burg

ella's first dance class
cook-out for labor day/ut football/cornhole

and laundry

jenn and emmie (emmie wore a perfectly orange- ut orange dress- too perfect)

too big of a day- too important of a day

shawn and jeff "action" shot of the cornhole game

here are a few highlights of the evening-

as we all now know- ut lost- overtime- 11:45pm ending time-
he was sooo happy that he figured out how to walk on the trampoline

molly girl

fisher with his women- ava and zoe

*when beau and kendra were in town last weekend- kendra taught ella how to do a seat drop and come back up*

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