Tuesday, September 2, 2008

gatlinburg take 4


leaving is always a little sad- we only get to see everyone once a year. but we always have a great time and love that the little crew is growing up-

chris, mandy, and camryn

april and mike


john, lacey, and jb

we got to do some really great things- that i don't have pictures of-

april and i walked both mornings (lacey and jb came for a walk too) on the walk april found a baby snake in the road- i got to save the snake by getting a stick and pushing it off the road.

the next walk april saw a deer (i only saw the butt of the deer running down the mountain side)

we played lots of cornhole- chris and i only got beat once (by lacey and john)

i am the female cornhole-er of the weekend- april and lacey couldn't take me!

mandy didn't feel well most of the weekend so she and chris missed out on the couples cornhole challenge-

just getting to be with everyone is always such a treat-
thanks everyone!

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