Friday, September 5, 2008

if you could only see me now!

well... the teeth are out! this morning the remaining three of my "wisdom" teeth are out. who will be "the know it all" now in my house??? the surgery went well- chris tells me that i was only back in the office for about 45 minutes before they let him come into the recovery room with me.

to all who know me... i am a control freeeeeek and i have been soooo nervous about this surgery that i haven't been very nice or friendly to my sweet husband. i've had that thought of "well if i die who is going to put all the clothes that keep sneaking out of your drawers back in????" or "if i die, who is going to keep ella's hair under control????" or "if i die, who will make sure that fisher wears outfits that are 'boy like' without him wearing spiders and snakes????"

so... you should see me now. laying in my king size bed- with bubba and gracie- two phones- a computer- two different types of pain meds- two different types of drinks- two ice packs- one on each side- and a scarf tied around my head to keep the ice packs in place so that i can sleep. oh... i am an attractive sight!

thanks to john and reba for taking the kids and letting me have an entire weekend to recover and recoup! you don't know how nice this is in my house! thanks thanks thanks!!!!

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