Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cinnamon toast

i forgot something else from when mom was here. she and ella made cinnamon toast. it very well could be one of the most unhealthy breakfast items that i grew up eating. i have never known of anyone else to eat this or make it for that matter. but, it is delicious- well beyond what delicious really is-

it consists of large pats of butter (five to be exact) placed at the four corners of the bread and one in the middle

then you sprinkle on about four tablespoons of sugar

then you sprinkle on cinnamon
(this is fisher's waiting patiently face)

put in the oven on broil for about two - four minutes (or until the butter is melted and the corners of the bread are turning a golden brown

presto! cinnamon toast... and fisher and bubba thought it to be fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Hey cinnamon toast was a weekend must at our house growing up, and my mom made it the same way, and it looked just like your picture. Hope your doing well, and thanks for bringing up some good ole memories. Leatherwood

Melanie said...

The toast sounds GREAT! And we missed you today. I'd love to get together sometime if you have some free moments in your busy week. It's been ages since I've seen you!!! Let me know if we can come by sometime soon! Do you have any big plans for the UT/FL game? I only have 2 words for that...GO GATORS! :-)