Tuesday, September 2, 2008

gatlinburg take 3

ripley's aquarium

we all went to the aquarium on sunday- chris and i have talked about taking the kids there for a long time...

the kids did really well considering that the place was PACKED!
ella didn't like having the fish behind her- she was needing to keep her "eyes on the fish momma"

fisher loved every second! i think that he would have ran through the entire place if we would have let him!
this is what happens when we say "say cheese" to fisher- he makes this great- great- great face! check out the HUGE fish behind him!

the shark tube ella wasn't crazy about. she was fine as long as you were saying things like "look at that huge sting-ray sleeping" or "what fish should we take a picture of?" it was a long tube of sharks- some of the sharks were "sleeping" on the top and some were swimming just too close for ella's comfort.

after the aquarium we went to lunch with john, lacey, and jb at pizza hut - it was so hot, humid, and the entire town was packed- bad weekend to try and be touriesty. here are some of the highlights from the tour of the aquarium.

ella didn't want to stand infront of the sharks mouth- can you tell?

later that night... after dinner... we went creek walking. we passed some this creek on the way into g'burg. lacey and i were very anxious to get back down there and look at all the great rocks. the night was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed it.
look! a tree hugger!

now that i think about it... i wish that i would have taken a couple of those rocks- they were beautiful!
he was so brave! he didn't want to stop!
we were trying to make it all the way to the ducks

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