Tuesday, September 2, 2008

gatlinburg take 2

day two was daddy day care/football day-

ladies... let's head to lunch and shop!

oh- camryn got to stay at daddy daycare with that runny nose- (she didn't feel great that day and mandy made the excellent decision that staying at the cabin with dads was a much better choice than heading out all day for food and shopping) but- give me a problem... and i will solve it! mandy has been having issues with camryn's faux-hawk hair-- well i invite you to take a gander at my beautiful "up-do" later in the weekend it gets a bow and everything! the look was inspired by ella- circa 2006
it worked out really well actually-- ella, me, mandy, april, and lacey all went to lunch at the usual spot- olive garden- (right across from the outlets) and then we went shopping- we had quite the shopper with us (ella) and they have a disney outlet, and old navy (selling bouncy balls for 25 cent is a bargain for happiness) the shoe store, the infamous silver horse (pictures to follow) and best of all an M&M machine!

later that day we did hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner followed by a Go Vols! cake (everyone's favorite)

and no trip to the mountains would be complete without my famous tennessee bath!

after bath time- ella decided that it was "sparkle time" the sparkles come out of a tube (like a mini-mascara tube) and you brush them on your hair... well- she had clean hair so chris, mike, john, and chris all got ella sparkled that night. they we such good sports about it too! she even put it in their eyebrows! thanks gentlemen for being so wonderful to a little girl!

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