Tuesday, August 5, 2008

some much needed relaxation

to say that we have been going non-stop would be an understatement... we have been dividing and conquoring and checking in on each other since about march/april. chris and i have our 6th anniversary coming up on the 10th and i cannot wait! i am in the process of finding babysitters- overnight babysitters so that i can surprise chris with a little lake camping and jetski riding- alone- by ourselves- no children- no dogs- no groceries- no diapers- no "honey will you pick up that milk cup- it's closer to your side of the table" - no "ooops i forgot to ____" - did i mention no children? i am so excited and he has no idea! so... shhhhh! we aren't big into the traveling far from home- although it would be nice :) and we aren't into fancy dinners, or getting all dressed up to go and eat- (we would end up talking about the kids anyway) if we were to get a hotel room- we would request separate beds and fall asleep as soon as we got there- or we would get separate rooms altogether because when he is in a good deep sleep- he snores. so- camping at the lake- the way that we used to do- but... this time no dogs- is the best that i can do- and i think that he will really love it! however... his buddy called and asked if he wanted to go to a football tournament on friday night... i quickly had to veto and and call the friend- have a great day everyone!

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Emmie Nicole Hollinger (Mom and Dad helped) said...

Good blog, I don't know where you find the time, every time I talk to you, you are always doing a million other things. I am very impressed.
I sure hope Chris doesn't check the blog before Friday night and figure out your suprise. I wanted to ask, do you want me to watch the dogs, it just dawned on me. I absolutely don't mind!