Friday, August 1, 2008

oh no... i have THOSE kids

you know what i am talking about... the kids that YOU were never going to have.... the kids that you and your husband would see and talk about the rest of the night... the ones where oh, we will never let our kids do that!... the ones where you couldn't believe all the dumb things those parents were letting their kids do... you know... these

the ones where you were never able to sit down and have a conversation with another adult

the ones that back talk you (ella) and the ones that yell at you NONONONONONO (fisher)

the ones that you couldn't take to other people's house because you were worried that you didn't have enough money to re-buy all the things that your children were going to break

the ones that you don't take out to dinner because you and your husband start to speed eat and see you can eat the fastest so you can leave sooner

the ones that you let do things that you would NEVER let them do (example: paint your toenails on the couch) so that you could talk to another adult without them screaming at you

the ones that you bargain with throughout an entire meal just so they will eat one piece of peach, blueberry, etc.

the ones that you reschedule appointments for because you wouldn't wish them on your worst enemy

the ones where you feel totally outnumbered and defeated ALL the time

the ones that during your sisters wedding take a goldfish to the bride and groom and ask if they "want a snack"

the ones that need constant entertainment from you

the ones that sneak into your room at wee early hours and convince your husband to turn on "big big world"

the ones that wrestle each other at other people's homes, churches before weddings, during rehersal dinners, etc.

the ones that get into toilets and laugh about it

the ones that think they can do everything on their own... and try... so you have one more huge mess to clean up

the ones that appear out of nowhere when you answer you phone and insist on talking to the person on the other end

the ones that insist on going naked when water is near- (puddles, garden hoses, bathtubs- that don't belong to us, sprinklers, large dog bowls of water)

the ones that tell you to "be nice to me- i am a baby"

the list goes on and on- but this kept me up last night- help!

yup... i got 'em

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Melanie said...

LOL! I can ditto you on lots of these. :-)