Thursday, August 7, 2008

big man

well... it's official he is one. really a one year old. he had his one year old appointment today. he is weighing in at 25.7lbs and 30 3/4inches long. so... in one year he has grown over 16 pounds and grown well over 10 inches in length. uh... are you kidding me!!??? he is huge! he is walking all on his own and wants to walk ALL THE TIME. no more me holding him (unless it's naptime) no more dirty tops of socks... he is really walking-
at the doctor they checked his hemoglobin levels and they are really low. to check this, they had to prick his finger (the last time they did that to me- i about cried) fisher looked at his finger and when they started to squeeze the blood out of his finger he started saying "ooohhhh- oooohhh" as if it was entertaining! so, he has a screening on monday or tuesday to check and see if he is making enough red blood cells. but the most likely cause of the low iron is me giving him too much whole milk during the day. (mom of the year!)
he only got two shots- chicken pox and hep. A. i backed out of the MMR and our pediatrician didn't seem bothered by it. i had been a little nervous about the connections with autism- so i backed out- one less hole in his leg. :)
some milestones:
he flipped himself out of his crib this afternoon- fully flipped. i was sitting in front of his crib after his nap- he and i were just talking a playing peek-a-boo. he started to lean over the edge and then leaned really far and started laughing... then all the way! i caught him and brought him slowly to the floor while he grinned the entire time! (bad news: his crib is at the lowest setting already)
walking- all through the house and even in shoes!
talking- mama, dada, elda (ella) bubba, dada (gracie) do-do (no), ball, bounce
eating- everything
sleeping- he is a great sleeper- still taking two naps a day 10-2 and 2-3:30 or so
i couldn't be a more proud mama- he is amazing-- so funny and smart-- i laugh at all the crazy boy things that he does daily!
and- to end- doesn't he have the best grin!

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