Monday, July 28, 2008


we have turned a corner with ella- she is now a SWIMMER! we have been fighting with her all summer to take a dip in the pool- but as soon as she would see the water she would start freaking out- screaming- and repeating herself over and over "i no wanna swim" so- to avoid me losing it with her- we have avoided swimming pools. now don't get me wrong- it's not all water that she didn't like- just the water that she couldn't control getting into and out of- example- at the beach the ocean was just too big for her to handle, but the tide pools were perfect- perfect depth, size, and temperature. but... the big pool at warriors path state park- was too big- she couldn't get in on her own, she couldn't get out on her own, she couldn't touch, etc. but today- i decide that it isn't fair to punish fisher (the golden swimmer) for ella's issues with water. so i take them to warriors path (they have a baby pool too) with a neighbor (jenn and emmie)
and she gets into the pool with floats on her arms and a dolphin boat. fisher just wears the floats on the arms. he can touch the bottom (so of course so can ella) and he is all over the place. his face goes under a million time and he comes up laughing and coughing up water. i was so proud of him-- then ella tells me that she can take off her floats. so- i let her and she continues to jump around the pool wearing this boat that looks ridiculous because she can touch and it comes down well below her butt- then by the grace of God- she tells me that she doesn't want to wear her boat! what? yeah!!!! she runs in the pool, jumps, and the entire trip let not one tear loose! i now have a swimmer! thank you God!

have a great day!

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