Wednesday, July 23, 2008

prepping for the weekend

the calm before the next storm-- (not really a storm) we are having our neices- laura and elaina- in for a visit with chris' parents today. then from the great state of alabama... john, lacey, jb, and chappy will be visiting from thursday until sunday- we are pumped about both sets of visitors coming- we really love having company and friends staying with us! bubba and gracie are pretty excited too! i will post some pictures later of all the fun with the family and friends-

and before i forget- fisher has a new name-- WALKER- texas ranger-- he has been going from room to room walking instead of crawling- (he has been walking 10-15 steps at a time) so last night we were laughing saying he was such a great walker... and then naturally "texas ranger" followed! i forgot what a process it is to go from crawling to walking- and how long it takes to become a "good walker" he has been manuvering around for a month playing with the idea of walking... last night and this morning he showed a preference to walking! maybe now my back will be saved from carrying that haus around all the time!
so... we are really excited about all the changes that are coming in the near future with the two of them walking around the house... it will be like having a real boy in the house! (he has still been a baby till now) i think that we will get the baby bug again soon now that he is on the move!


Sue said...

Hey, Kara, it's great to be able to read about how you, Chris, Fischer and Ella are doing! I can't wait to read more updates. Yep, I can totally relate to your mommy exhaustion. If it were just physical it would be one thing!

Sue said...

I have a Google alert set up for any time "Battel" shows up. Usually it's just idiots misspelling battle, as in, "Hey, wanna battel me in some stupid online game?"

Melanie said...

Ooooo, glad to see I've created a blogger. Don't get me wrong with everything that I "just have to say", I love blogging. And I wish everyone I knew blogged. It's just created a passivist side of me that I need to balance and other things that temp me to become even more passive, I try to avoid.

Glad you're bloggin'. :-) I hope we can connect soon; E's running a temp and has been for a few days. I'm ready for THAT to be over, ya know?