Tuesday, July 22, 2008


fisher- oh, where to begin!? he is so much fun- i have been telling people- that ella wears me out mentally- fisher wears me out physically- on any given evening- i am exhausted! fisher is big- he was born big (9lbs 3oz) and has continued to stay big- and now that he is totally mobile (crawling and walking) he is super strong! most of the time he is smiling and happy- he is very busy and stays on top of everything that ella is doing. he has been a very easy baby as far as temperment- if he is fussy- he is sleepy- a nap will always cure fisher's bad moods. we have been very lucky to have such an amazing BOY. he is all boy- loves the ladies and loves a crowd. his birthday party (the big one) had a whopping 45 people attend. it was a blast and he loved every second of the attention. i don't think that i saw one tear from him all evening!

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