Thursday, July 24, 2008

oops... bubba and gracie

i forgot to mention my better behaved children- bubba and gracie-

gracie is our first- she is about 6 1/2 and just a good ol' mutt. she has gained a bit of weight since we had the real kids, but still will chase a tennis ball for hours on end. i found her when she was only six weeks and gave up everything to keep her. roommate, apartment, good friend and even a fight with my soon to be mother in law over keeping her... but i am so glad that i did. she taught chris and i how to take care of something... and about loving forever. she was an awful puppy... but has grown into quite a lady. i couldn't imagine our lives without her. she is tolerant of the kids and loves ella and everything about her. never has she chewed up a toy- or acted jealous of the kids. she will sleep in ella's room if she can sneak in fast enough. fisher climbs, pulls, and pokes- but never has she been upset... i think that she actually likes the attention.

bubba- he is my dog version of fisher- or fisher is my human version of bubba (not sure which way to put it). bubba is quiet, loving, and always around. he is my first "momma's boy" and will forever remain that way. he must sleep on my side of the bed, he listens to me- not chris. :) he is such a protector too- i couldn't travel with the kids or let chris travel and leave me here without having bubba. we adopted him when he was six weeks- not knowing that we were going to end up with a 115 lb pitbull (his cage was marked boxer/?) he is the biggest dog that chris or i have ever owned... but he is calm- relaxed- and to me a true gentleman. he doesn't let any stranger come close to the kids- while i was pregnant with ella and fisher- the only way he would sleep was with his head resting on my belly- since... he has become the "sheriff" of the house and neighborhood- he loves to keep the peace in the house- he too has always tolerated and wanted to be in the same room as the kids- ella climbs, fisher climbs, laying on bubba is like laying on a pillow- he won't ever disrupt a baby laying on him- he is the best kisser too!

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supermommysquared said...

I miss those two sweet puppies! Your blog made me long for a Bubba and Gracie fix :) Your kids are so cute! I can't believe that the two of are moms of two kids. It is crazy!