Friday, July 25, 2008

the lorax

my very favorite book from childhood is "the lorax" by dr. seuss-- read it in elementary school and haven't ever been able to forget it- and now since ella and fisher are really into dr. seuss books i purchased the lorax for them. on the cover was a listing about earth day 2008 and to join the lorax project.

now for those who don't know about the lorax, he was a small man type thing, he spoke for the trees- for the trees have no tongues. the oncler came and cut down all the truffula tress and makes theeds- (following this) anyway, the factories made too much smog and gunk that all the animals had to leave their home with the truffula trees. (it's a bit sad) but at the end of the story the oncler gives a boy the very last truffula seed and tells him to take care of it- because "unless someone cares a whole awful lot, things aren't going to get better- they're not"
well join the lorax project with me-- and lets try and make things better-- have a great day!

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