Monday, July 28, 2008

first steps, tears, and eagles

well... here are a few pictures of fishers first steps-- oh... walker- texas ranger- he is doing really well making it from room to room- it's so cute to see him come around a corner laughing the whole time- i swear he is thinking "this is soooo much better than crawling!"

then the tears came from one simple thing- i took my cell phone away from him- did you ever see such a face???? i don't have tons of pictures of him crying- plenty of his sister-- but this face over a cell phone! just what will happen when there is a serious issue????

ah- the eagles- backstory- we went to dollywood with chris' parents a couple months ago- she wouldn't ride anything (big surprise) it rained the entire time- great fun- however there was an eagle exhibit- she sat with ma and pa for about 30 minutes looking at all the eagles- so- we now know how to fly like an eagle-

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Kelsey said...

CAW CAW CAW!!! ...if only you had a waterbed to throw her onto after she "flew"