Tuesday, July 22, 2008


okay-- little about ella---

ella is getting close to three-- (cannot believe i just typed the word three) and is so funny! she is a talker like her momma and daddy- there is only one time throughout the day that ella is quiet- when she is sleeping-- that is it! she talks all the time about everything! we read a book titled "the digging-est dog" and in it there is a line "duke- you've been bad- you've made me mad instead of glad"-- whenever ella is in trouble- she pulls out this line and changes it to "Momma- you've made me sad instead of GLAD!"- then she is promptly sent to time-out ( so mean i know) she has a best friend- aly grace (she lives next door) and they spend lots of time together- they could probably do the overnight thing- but i'm not ready for that!

she is amazing- smart, funny, and remembers everything! she has recently starting climbing- on me and chris- we have turned into trees. i stay covered in bruises from where her little toes slipping on my legs and arms. we love having the ella news broadcast during dinner- just her update on all things ella!

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